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Goats Do Smile
{Ramblings of nuance that really ought to carry a government health warning!}
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21st-Sep-2007 04:30 pm - Dune, Star Wars and Fashion Icons

Well, here are the icons for you hoarders. As always, please don't pass them off as your own, upload to your own server and give me credit.


Dune Icons:

A nice Alia icon that I personally really like- the text of course reffering to her "possession" by Baron Vlad Harkonnen!

Star Wars Icons:

Delak Krennel- little known accomplice of Ysanne Isard with a robotic right arm!

Mara Jade- Sacrifice, 'nuff said!

Grand Admiral Thrawn icon- because the world has not got enough!

Han/Leia- cutest coupling ever! Heh! Scruffy Nerfherder...

Jacen/Tenel Ka- Darth Caedus personally doesn't do it for me, but if Tenel can hack it, then why not?

Fashion/Music/Misc Icons:

Hindi Sad Diamonds! My favourite Moulin Rouge costume scene!

Alex Wek- a woman I think who would be a great laugh!

Bit of vintage sophistication for you dahlinks!

If this says "Hold The Wheel" it's the icon I trashed and I'm dead sorry. The newer one just says "&Drive" because the other text looked too messy. Blah. Photobucket is really pissing me off. Cookies PLSKTHXBYE!


20th-Sep-2007 05:12 pm - Fashion/Misc Icons

I have some fashion type icons I made on a rainy day I thought I might add after my slight Star Wars frenzy. There isn't many, but if you like one, but want it another colour, feel free to ask, or request another icon, I honestly don't mind! 

There's one Dune icon (Princess Wensicia!) I made for a friend for her MSN:

A load of fashion type icons:

I swear that's it for today! I thought I'd get rid of some of these, as many are old! I'm off to an Incubus concert later tonight, so I should make a few Incubus icons tomorrow, as I'll be high as a kite!



20th-Sep-2007 12:08 pm - 1st Batch of Star Wars Icons
These are icons made using pictures found on Google, and from  so_out_of_ideas  base icons.

I *HEART* Star Wars, although now I've ventured over to the EU side of things. I'm in a forum which is a sublet of TheForce.Net, and decided to make a few icons for the people on there. Some of the text written on the icons is inside jokes, but I hope you appreciate them nonetheless. I've been sat here listening to the Star Wars OST whilst doing these, so excuse the freakiness.

I'm an Imperial girl at heart. I think it's the uniform. It must be!

If you do use these icons, could you please credit me with a link to my profile, and perhaps to "so's" as well, just as common courtesy. :D
I like making icons. It's fun. Especially Star Wars icons, there's just something satisfying about it! I have a batch of Dune and Fashion icons coming up, so watch this space!

17th-Sep-2007 09:45 am - Naaah Naaah
Hello! I'm Clare.

I just wrote a big chunk about me, and LJ deleted it when it couldn't post the entry. This upsets me somewhat but I shall soldier on!

I'm British (Well, Half Welsh,1/4 English, 1/4 Danish!), 18, and I'm off to University very soon to study Law, where I hope to take my BVT shortly after and progress onto becoming a Barrister. I have little shame.

University cocked me around, and I'm left in a college I didn't desire to be part of, and in guest accomodation. I guess that at least it's better than nothing, but sharing with a randomer I've never met in my life before is rather daunting to say the least, and I've been conditioned by 8 years of boarding school and strict scheduling!

Ah well, ours is not to reason why.

A little more about me? Oh why ever not!

My favourite games are Halo, Broken Sword, Tomb Raider, Elder Scrolls, KOTOR, The Sims 2 and Fable. George Stobbart is the stuff dreams are made of.

My fandoms include Star Wars,  Dune and Disney Films. I mean SRSLY, they're really good!

Photoshop is my best friend, and I love creating digital art, wallpapers and icons, and I'll probably end up posting them on here, I've been having a bit of a frenzy making Aurora/Malificent icons after my friend made me watch Sleeping Beauty. The goat icon is mine and mine alone. "Goats Do Smile" is an inside joke, and I can't be bothered to explain it. 

I'm sometimes lazy, sometimes hyperactive. I'm always up for a laugh, and sometimes MSN conversations can be phenomenal and full of crazily induced insight.

In short- I love life, even when I complain about it.

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